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Discovery Benefits is a national leader in Flexible Spending, HSA, HRA, Transportation and COBRA
administration. We are a customer-focused organization, committed to high-quality customer service and userfriendly tools, with an intense focus on security and compliance. We are excited about the opportunity to
develop a relationship with you.

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How HSAs Work
Individuals establish an HSA to pay for eligible medical expenses not covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and to save for future health care expenses. If you’re eligible, an HSA can provide significant tax benefits.
You’re eligible for an HSA if you’re:

  • Covered under a qualified High Deductible Health Plan.
  • Not covered under any other health plan other than the HDHP.
  • Not enrolled in Medicare (typically age 65).
  • Not claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.

The IRS sets annual requirements for deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and contributions. See this year’s requirements for single and family qualified health plans.


Contribution Limit

Contribution Limit

Additional Catch-Up Contribution
(55 or older) (Single and Family)

2015 $3,350 $6,650 $1,000
2016 $3,350 $6,750 $1,000
2017 $3,400 $6,750 $1,000



  • Individual – $1,300 (2016 limit is $1,300)
  • Family – $2,600 (2016 limit is $2,600)


  • Individual – $6,550 (2016 limit is $6,550)
  • Family – $13,100 (2016 limit is $13,100)

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Superior Vision

How to use your plan: Superior Vision Plan


Confidential business counseling offered at no charge to small businesses.

With SCORE you can take advantage of:

  • Face to face counseling
  • Telephone counseling
  • Email counseling
  • Low-cost training
  • Offer specialized assistance in a wide range of topics

Your relationship with SCORE can be just a few sessions or for an extended number of years based on your needs. You decide the level of assistance you’d like, and SCORE will ensure that you make the most of your time.

You can fill out a Request for Counseling online at or call your local chapter to request a form.

Contact SCORE, build your success.

It’s easy to put the resources of SCORE to work for you business. Learn how SCORE can help you succeed. Contact us today to talk with a SCORE business counselor.

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Devils Lake Branch: 701-222-1111

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In the Business of Your Success
ADP Workforce NOW Comprehensive HR

ADP Delivers Efficiencies and Better Decision Making

ADP Workforce Now Comprehensive HR is a flexible support system that goes well beyond software. It provides core services that span the continuum of workforce management, helping you adapt quickly to changing environments. ADP’s offering gives you the power to make smarter decisions across the board by accessing real-time payroll, HR/benefits, and tie and attendance information.

  • Services to support the full scope of workforce management – recruiting, training, HR/benefits, compliance, payroll/tax, and risk management
  • An integrated experience – across HR, benefits, and payroll
  • Comprehensive reporting – payroll, time and attendance, HR/benefits administration
  • Compliance alerts – to help you understand the impact of compliance changes on your business

ADP Provides Your Company with Access to Experts

ADP Workforce Now Comprehensive HR is the answer to adding specialized expertise to your account management team and your clients’ HR teams in a cos-effective way. Stay up to speed on all aspects of compliance with experts who can help keep your clients current on the rules and regulations affecting their HR organization. You want the best people of your clients’ teams, without the burden of an exhaustive recruiting process. ADP provides access to functional experts in order to provide the best of the best for you and your clients.

  • HR Compliance and Benefit Specialist
  • Payroll/Tax Specialist
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Risk Management Specialist

For more information contact: Valerie Fiksdal
Office: 218-562-5920
Fax: 1-855-267-4989

Live Well – Your EAP Provider

Live Well Solutions

Daily Cost of Long-Term Care in ND



Low Rate

High Rate

Aneta Aneta Parkview Health Center-1457283 $177.89 $525.10
Ashley Ashley Medical Center SNF-1454648 $186.32 $627.06
Beulah Knife River Care Center-1458295 $202.17 $610.68
Bismarck Baptist Health Care Center-1455496 $196.66 $551.32
Bismarck Good Samaritan Society, Bismarck-1454901 $211.27 $628.96
Bismarck Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center-1460704 $193.00 $633.74
Bismarck Sanford Health, St. Vincent’s Care Center-1458481 $181.47 $622.21
Bismarck St. Gabriel’s Community-1456933 $220.93 $639.79
Bottineau Good Samaritan Society, Bottineau-1452016 $181.17 $621.91
Bowman Southwest Healthcare Services-1455075 $198.47 $639.21
Cando Towner County Living Center-1460190 $197.07 $579.95
Carrington Golden Acres Manor-1458468 $144.75 $471.18
Cavalier Wedgewood Manor-1458517 $179.10 $567.41
Cooperstown Griggs County Care Center-1455251 $159.32 $475.44
Crosby St. Luke’s Sunrise Care Center-1457724 $172.00 $568.65
Devils Lake Good Samaritan Society, Devils Lake-1456327 $156.36 $469.93
Devils Lake Eventide Heartland-1456054 $197.10 $584.85
Dickinson St. Benedict’s Health Center-1456941 $173.86 $551.95
Dickinson St. Luke’s Home-1459597 $220.24 $617.48
Dunseith Dunseith Community Nursing Home-1455221 $153.38 $467.34
Ellendale Prince of Pease Care Center-1463078 $153.55 $512.36
Ellendale Prince of Pease Care Center Geropsych-1450552 $197.57 same for all residents
Enderlin Maryhill Manor-1455491 $176.99 $527.21
Fargo Bethany on University-1460364 $205.94 $633.50
Fargo Bethany on 42nd Skilled Care-1456930 $211.90 $631.63
Fargo Elim Rehab & Care Center-1450793 $155.60 $497.07
Fargo ManorCare Health Services-1456475 $134.60 $429.33
Fargo Rosewood on Broadway-1455429 $197.79 $581.79
Fargo Villa Maria Healthcare-145290 $166.00 $544.83
Forman Four Seasons Health Care Center-1452103 $129.64 $387.70
Garrison Benedictine Living Center of Garrison-1456932 $154.87 $450.36
Garrison Garrison Memorial Hospital NF-1458588 $181.52 $595.92
Glen Ullin Marian Manor HealthCare Center-1451325 $166.39 $607.13
Grafton Lutheran Sunset Home-1458265 $187.00 $627.74
Grand Forks Valley Eldercare Center-1459903 $192.74 $619.46
Grand Forks Woodside Village-1457910 $178.88 $568.75
Hankinson St. Gerard’s Community of Care $147.54 $458.13
Harvey St. Aloisius Medical Center-1455449 $195.17 $630.15
Hatton Hatton Prairie Village-1454931 $173.95 $549.28
Hettinger Western Horizons Living Center-1454518 $149.36 $528.47
Hillsboro Sanford Hillsboro Care Center-1459495 $213.47 $643.58
Jamestown Ave Maria Village-1455433 $177.46 $553.89
Jamestown Eventide Jamestown-1451095 $186.93 $610.97
Killdeer Hill Top Home of Comfort-1455348 $180.78 $584.44
Lakota Good Samaritan Society, Lakota-1454951 $154.86 $468.20
LaMoure St. Rose Care Center-1458360 $138.58 $450.85
Langdon Maple Manor Care Center-1450763 $156.38 $470.77
Larimore Good Samaritan Society, Larimore-1454966 $151.18 $454.30
Lisbon North Dakota Veterans Home-1454588 $204.08 $644.82
Lisbon Parkside Lutheran Home-1463532 $187.45 $585.81
Mandan Dakota Alpha-1455362 $400.12 $same for all residents
Mandan Sanford Health, Care Center Off Collins-1458478 $188.00 $628.74
Mandan Sanford Health, Sunset Drive-1458475 $193.52 $622.74
Maryville Luther Memorial Home-1454964 $170.46 $589.86
McVille Nelson County Health System Care Ctr-1456275 $171.02 $564.00
Minot Minot Health and Rehab-1465818 $139.29 $420.86
Minot Trinity Homes-1456872 $186.46 $627.20
Mohall Good Samaritan Society, Mohall-1454952 $156.83 $472.42
Mott Good Samaritan Society, Mott-1454948 $162.23 $533.43
Napoleon Napoleon Care Center-1451477 $172.59 $531.37
New Rockford Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd-1455007 $178.49 $537.56
New Salem Elm Crest Manor-1452839 $181.07 $581.37
Northwood Northwood Deaconess Health Center-1457619 $200.25 $$608.20
Oakes Good Samaritan Society, Oakes-1454682 $157.55 $520.80
Park River Good Samaritan Society, Park River-1454950 $160.57 $520.88
Richardton Richardton Health Center-1451396 $237.81 $663.58
Rolette Rolette Community Care Center-1455160 $190.16 $508.58
Rugby Heart of American Nursing Facility-1457134 $190.47 $631.21
Stanley Maountrail Bethel Home-1456667 $190.33 $631.07
Strasburg Strasburg Nursing Home-1452068 $172.98 $613.72
Tioga Tioga Medical Center LTC-1455697 $191.14 $631.88
Valley City Sheyenne Care Center-1464895 $154.75 $542.91
Valley City Sheyenne Care Center Geropsych-1455437 $243.80 same for all residents
Velva Souris Valley Care Center-1458815 $152.13 $433.42
Wahpeton St. Catherine’s Living Center-1458798 $133.92 $409.57
Watford City McKenzie County Healthcare Systems-1465079 $177.15 $593.44
Walhalla Pembilier Nursing Center-1454540 $131.38 $435.08
West Fargo Sheyenne Crossings Care Center-1451625 $197.82 $584.37
Williston Bethel Lutheran Nursing & Rehab-1457183 $181.22 $609.36
Wishek Wishek Living Center-1451276 $161.24 $552.82



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